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3" Clay valve - Undrilled

3" Clay valve - Undrilled

  • 3" Cla Valve (Steel)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 
  • The 7100 Valve is a diaphragm actuated valve designed for low original cost and long life. Simple, rugged construction allows the 7100 to perform dependably under the most severe operating conditions. Its compact design makes it easy to install. The 7100 Valve is ideal for any application where the need is for On-Off control, the controlling medium of which is usually the liquid itself, passing through a remote control. The control pressure, when applied against the flexible diaphragm, produces a drip-tight seal between the valve disc and its seat. In the open position, the diaphragm assembly lifts to provide full flow. The 7100 Valve provides all the advantages of an automatic control valve at a cost comparable to manual valves of the same size and quality.